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Welcome to Navarathri.org!

Navarathri Festival:  The purpose of Navarathti.org website is to promote Navarathri festival all over the world.  Navarathri is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India.  People migrated to different parts of the world continue their regional tradition.  However, due to the close encounters of people coming from various parts of India living in foreign countries inherit some of the features from other regions as well as from local significances.   It is interesting to note that the household who organizes the golu arrangement and prayers try to maintain their regional traditions. This website focuses on the Golu tradition followed primarily in Tamil Nadu in India.  While the grown-ups enjoy bringing back their memories of Golu in Tamil Nadu, youth have a chance to participate and learn about Navarathri first hand.

Featured Golus
We are all having good time celebrating navarathri golu as we speak now. You might have witnessed a range of golu arrangements in the past week. We want to share with our visitors some of the extremely well done golu arrangements we have seen . In this edition, we want to share with you Golu arrangment at The Hindu Temple of Atlanta - HTA (located in Riverdale, GA).This golu was arranged by volunteers Anu nathan and Vidhya Ramesh. They have been arranging Golu at HTA for the past few years. It is a 3D golu - arragned in all 4 directions with 7 steps in each directions.
Please send us your favorite ones to share with others.
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