2011 Golu Competition Results


The voting to select the winner of 2011 Golu Competition ended

Thanks to all the contestants for sending in your entries.

Thanks to the judges  and those who participated in the voting survey for taking time to select the winners.  In India, the competition is mostly regional and judging of Golu arrangement is typically done by a panel of judges personally visiting each Golu arrangement.  Given the geographical limitations in USA, we have to depend on the photographs and write-up by contestants to select the best Golu arrangement.

With public voting process, you all got an opportunity to appreciate how extensively Navarathri Golu is celebrated in USA/Canada.  We wanted to include entries from India as well.  But that would not be fair considering the resources available in India vs. USA.

Winners of 2011 Navarathri Golu Competition are:

1st Prize:       Nirmala -Seattle WA - Thulabaram-  Contestant #37

2nd Prize:     Jayashree Paramesh - Ganga Yamuna Saraswathi -  Contestant #93

3rd Prize:     Rajani Padmanaban - Kirkland WA -  Thirupathi - Contestant #19